Letter of errors

You know those times when everything seems to be just ticking over and nothing is really happening and then without reason something appears to destroy that feeling of equilibrium. Well yesterday it happened again. Adam brought the main in when he arrived home from work and I had received a letter from the hospital confirming that I have gallstones, which I already knew from when the scan was done, but there is one line in my letter that is bugging me. For some reason that I can’t think of, or where it came from, and neither can Adam as he was there with me when I saw the specialist, that says that the pain appeared to be more on the left side rather than on the right where my gallbladder is. I remember being asked if there was pain on my left side but both of us remember that I did say yes but I also added that I thought it was being caused by the pressure sensation on my right. I know it sounds like a small thing, but this actually goes well with what I was talking about yesterday morning. Yet again this is the type of thing I have continually come across, somehow the doctor I saw had taken one line and turned it into something that it wasn’t. I know this is something that we can put right when I see her next month but if she hadn’t put it in writing this would remain on my file and I would have no idea why nothing was being done about the source.

It takes such tiny mistakes to land up with everything going in the wrong directions, I had in the past thought it would be a good idea to take a Dictaphone in to any meeting with a doctor, at least this time I had Adam. I used to always go to see a doctor by myself as I prized my independence, but in someways I am glad that Adam has to come with me, I now have a second voice and set of ears. I have never done it but I have often thought about asking to read my hospital notes as I suspect there are loads of examples of this sort of thing. I used to often think about asking to see them as I know that I have the right to but well I have lost the interest in fighting with the NHS if I had been going to do so I should have done it years ago when I had the reasons to, when they wouldn’t listen to what I said. What is in the letter is something I will be able to correct soon enough.

I suppose it is a fact that when ever there is anything wrong with you suddenly you have no power over anything that is said, thought or done to you. Doctors take over and we let them, which I don’t quite understand when I really think about it. Why do we let them? I know we have to trust them as they know about medical issues, but when they jump to a conclusion about us there is nothing that we can do to correct it, mainly as we don’t normally even know they have done it. We for some reason think that a Dr can tell everything about us in just a 15 minute consultation and we are then surprised when they get it wrong. May be we shouldn’t be. I know if I sat and someone talked to me for 15 minutes about something I wouldn’t be able to really draw any conclusions about anything major. It might well explain why so many of us don’t get the right diagnosis as I said yesterday the doctor draws a conclusion that is wrong, and the real condition is totally missed.

I have the feeling that when I go back in November we will have to start all over again as no tests or explanation has happened that explain the really bad pain labour like pains, or the incontinence or the malabsorption of my medication. I really think we are back to the start with a little knowledge as we now know what is causing the problems at the top of my stomach, but what is causing the rest?