Planting a Seed

I think my plan of sitting here at my PC is actually helping, I have spent the bulk of the last two evening just playing games while watching TV and my back is showing signs of improving. As I said yesterday I took some ibuprofen and it actually did help, Adam suggested what might explain it as in the pain was now at a level that it could help, where as a few days ago it was to intense to touch it, he could be right. I have waited this morning again for my normal meds to kick in and I still have pains to the ibuprofen has just been added, I have noticed before that if you can stop something hurting it heals quicker, I guess this is because you stop straining the surrounding muscles and once all relaxed, it has a chance to heal properly.

I don’t know why it has taken my so long to understand something really simple, I have for years in fact nearly all my adult life in watching anything that is medical from documentaries through to soaps and drama’s. Saturday evening wouldn’t be Saturday for me without my dose of Casualty, I’m not sure of what made me have one of those light-bulb moments but I did and I suddenly realised that I started watching them all in the vain hope that I would see something that would give a clue to what was wrong with me pre my diagnosis, the strange thing was I never did. I have though learned a great deal about other conditions, so much so that I often have a diagnosis before the Doctors in the program I am watching, not that that make me a doctor just faster than the scriptwriters. It amazes my how much can be learned by selective watching, and you can choose almost any subject these days. It used to annoy me when I would sit at work and over hear chatter about the night befores viewing and how it didn’t matter what day of the week it was, I never heard them discuss anything of value, just wallpaper TV, there is nothing wrong with a mix, but so many seem to watch nothing else. I have been often asked how I know some of the stuff I do, well the answer is simple, I choose what I watch and I learn from all of it. I wish that Sky had existed when I was a child I would then maybe have had more opportunities open to me when I left school as I might of had a chance of knowing there where jobs out there outside the ordinary.

I suppose that is why I find it an irony that I have so much knowledge about so many things and so much experience in different work areas, yet I am sat here condemned to never being able to use it fully, or to be able to earn a living from any of it. I do fully understand that not many of us who are housebound wouldn’t be able to perform full time jobs, but I really do feel that around the world there is so much knowledge that is being wasted, and so many people who could contribute to others lives but we are left idling and isolated. I am not sure what exactly we could do but I was inspired by an item I saw on TV last week when a retired teacher was via Skype helping to teach children in India, I don’t think she was paid but I can’t be sure about that. What it did make me think about was the possibilities of harnessing the skills that are not being used and a way of giving some at least, the chance of contributing and achieving, rather than just existing, it could be a win win situation. The next problem is what and how to do it? I doubt I will be the person to come up with it but here is the seed planted and waiting, maybe you can be the one to make it grow. Think about it.