I’ve hurt my back

At this second I am sitting here with a hot water bottle at the base of my spin, all I did was cross my legs and sudden pain!! Pain that isn’t gong away so I guess I some how pulled a muscle. In many ways it doesn’t surprise me as I thought things like this would of happened a long time ago as I thought that my lack of mobility would mean that the muscles that support my body would weaken, resulting in more pulled muscles and tendons. Not that I have read it or heard anyone say it but it just sounds a logical process to happen, maybe I have it all wrong, but yet again it is a pelvic pain. When I initially pulled it, the pain was one of those blinding moments of pain and yet again left me wondering how I felt it so badly despite my meds, all though it has lessens it is still really painful, walking around a little eases it, but well we all know my walking problems. It is silly little things like this that just add to the difficulties of life with illness, silly little accidents like this if I was fit and healthy, my response would have been to do gentle stretches and I would be wondering around doing things to keep it moving until it eased off. All I can do now is just sit and hope for the best, trying to move it gently but that isn’t easy really.

I am not sure why but I am not at my best today, I feel really strongly that I would like to go to bed it isn’t just I feel tired I actually feel ill, although I have taken my anti-nausea tablets I am feeling sick, but I am aware that I have discomfort right across my diaphragm area again so I am guessing that it is coming from my gallbladder, because of it I want to sit upright but that is hared because of my back. No win again. lol, Well I have to laugh at it, as it is ridicules if you think about it.

Last night I sat on the settee doing my best when I could reach them comfortably to massage the areas on my feet that I felt helped the other day. I couldn’t keep up the length of time massaging them but I did what I could and I once again found the areas where the pain was relieved just a couple of days ago was right back at the start, painful to touch even lightly. My intentions were to do this every evening as much as possible. I will see but I guess it is off the list tonight unless my back makes a dramatic improvement. Adam and I talked about it and have come up with a sort of plan, I am going to look on line to see if I can find a cheap wooden bead style of massage cover you used to be able to get for your car seat. I am not thinking of sitting on it, but I am wondering if I put it on top of a pillow and that way it will form to the shape of my foot. I think it is worth a try, well almost anything is worth trying if I can.