Another condition to add to the list

Sorry for there being no post yesterday but I was rather tired all day and spent the morning trying to get ready to go out for my hospital appointment and setting all the other things I do in a day done. I had been told that the ambulance would arrive between 12 and 12:30 so I have to be ready, it takes such a long time to just put on some clothes sort my hair and add a touch of make up, something that I used to be able to do very quickly well at least quicker than Adam ever has done. Now well lets just say that it has to be done in stages with rests in between each burst of activity. Adam came home early for his lunch break as although he couldn’t come with me to the Southern General, he wanted to see me out of the house so it would reduce the things I had to do, even if that was only shut the house down and lock the doors. He had to leave at 12:40 to get back to work and of course there was no sign of the Ambulance.

I didn’t want to start doing anything else on the PC as I was sure that they would arrive in the middle of something that I wouldn’t want to leave half down, so I answered a few emails and pottered around on Twitter. At 1:15 I was getting a little wound-up so I phoned to see what was going on and I was told that the person who had given my that time slot shouldn’t have said that, what I should have been told was to be ready 2hrs prior to my appointment and an ambulance would be there in time to get me to my appointment. I wish that had been what I was told as due to the damage to my brain I don’t deal well when I have been told something exact like that and then it doesn’t happen, silly yes but I can’t do anything about it. Add that to the already established fatigue of getting ready to go, I was really tiered and I hadn’t been anywhere yet. I have found things like this stressful for along time and it was one of the things that I noticed very soon after becoming housebound as all that stress had vanished, but all I could do yesterday was wait and try to stay both calm and awake.

Eventually at 1:40 they did arrive and all that hassle of getting out of here and down the stairs woke me up enough to talk a little with the guys who were getting me down the stairs in the horrid walker thing, no it wasn’t any better than the time before. Hassle free to them I was in the Ambulance, strapped to a seat and off, feeling increasingly sick. I had left the house this time with my glasses on as I noticed last time that the blurred movement through the window as we traveled was making me motion sick, they did help but what helped more was that I feel asleep waking just as we arrived at the hospital gates. Too my surprise for a second time I didn’t have to wait, I was straight in to see the Doctor as there was no queue.

The scan was quite straight forward but I was a little surprised to find that it was just a scan on the upper part of my abdomen only, I thought it was to be a more all over scan. I simply had to lie on each side and then my back as they ran the cold lubricant and the scanner head over me it took less than 5 mins and I was sitting up sorting out my clothing. The Doctor said at first that he would send the result to the Doctor at the Victoria but I thought I would ask if they had found anything. They had I have Gallstones, my response I think surprised the Doctor a little as I laughed and announced “Thank god for that something that for a change can be fixed, I am kind of fed-up being told there is nothing they can do” He also laughed and we then had a short chat about my MS which he said he had guessed just after I was wheeled into the room. He didn’t have my notes as it was just a scan and I have to return to the Vitoria for the official results. The nurse helped me return my clothes to the right position and we moved from the room quickly as the ambulance that had brought me there was waiting for me to take me home. So from start to finish it I was out of the house for an hour. Although it looked at one point as though it would be longer as we couldn’t get into that house, partly my fault as I couldn’t remember what keys did what and partly their fault as they had turned the lock on the inner door the wrong way and it was spinning rather than opening, rather odd but we got in in the end. I went straight to bed.

After a much needed sleep, I came through here and did a little searching on Gallstones and I was surprised to find that they are probably the cause of a lot of symptoms that I have been having for years including a lot of the ones I have written about in here over the months. Some of the things they can cause are the indigestion type feeling I get and the pain that I felt was similar to a heart attack but knew it wasn’t that. They also cause the nausea and vomiting, the chills and sweats, the ill sensation that eating causes me and often leads me to going to bed after eating. The bloated feeling and appearance there is to my stomach, the feeling that I described once as a babies bottom pushing out under my ribcage as that is the only thing that I can compare it to, the discomfort and pain in sitting unless properly upright, both under my ribs front and back.

At the minute I have no idea what they will do about it as that is up to the Doctor at the Victoria who I have an appointment with on the 9th November, a couple of weeks to wait but I do know that there is an end in sight I hope. Adam says I should push them into removing them surgically but it isn’t as simple as that. I know already there is a good chance they won’t do that because of my overall health, it is possible that surgery may be too high a risk but we will see. I’m still on a bit of a high though as there is a possibility that they will be able to do something and that I can get rid of at least some of the pain and discomfort in my life.