The trip out and HOME

I have just returned from the Hospital, well not just I have been here for about an hour but I felt so sick when I got back into the house that I have been sat here sort of starring at the screen moving things around. The alarm got me up at 6am as planned and I managed over the next hour and a half to get myself ready to be collected. By the time the ambulance actually arrived I was slightly wound-up just at the thought of having to go anywhere. When you have been nowhere for 5yrs it is a daunting prospect, any way it arrived two guys came into the flat with one of those chairs they strap you into, I can tell you now it is hard and uncomfortable, being carried step by step down through the hall was not that nice a feeling. By the time we reached the front door I was feeling nauseous and the motion of the ambulance made it worse. I think that it was made worse because I had left my glasses in the house, the blurred action of the world passing. I was really glad when they stopped to collect another person and it was just a couple of minutes from there to the hospital. Adam had arranged for the morning off so he was waiting at the hospital for me, there was still nearly an hour to go before my appointment so we stopped outside and I had a much needed cigarette.

There was no one else waiting when we entered the department and I was straight in to see the Doctor, a pleasant surprise to say the least. She was really nice and we went over all the details of the problems that I have with eating and my bowels, she examined me as I expected including the usual embarrassment of an annul examination. I am no closet to knowing what the problem is but Adam and I both left her with the same impression that it is as we expected probably my MS. I have come home with the required containers to supply a stool sample which Adam will drop off at the hospital when I manage to collect it. I am also going back for a ultra sound and I have another appointment with the same Doctor at the start of November, so at least two more visit to go.

The journey home was worse than the trip there, we had to wait for nearly an hour for the ambulance, which was painful as I didn’t have my own wheelchair, they wouldn’t let me take it with me. When we arrived at the house I was brought back up the stair on a ‘stair climber’. It is a horrid motion and I am now an hour and half later just beginning to settle, I really thought when we first arrived that I was going to be sick. I felt so terrible that I couldn’t get back into my normal nightdress and dressing gown, I just wanted to sit quietly for a while and settle. I am so tired now that as soon as I have this posted I am going to bed. Sorry that it is a few word description but I am not up to adding in detail, sleep is all that I can think of. I will fill in the gaps tomorrow.