Stress Busting

My distraction continued through out yesterday and guess what it is still here, the good side is it is I also don’t mind today at all. Not only am I not fighting it I don’t even feel like trying. There is a flow that has developed in my life since I over came the shock of being unemployed and no longer the bread winner. I hate admitting it but I have almost given up on the idea that I will ever have another job. I just wish I could find an income though that would allow life to be a little more comfortable in the future, with it almost being the end of my first year I am now about to loose the payments from the insurance company that have been paying the mortgage, I spoke to them during the week and I have just two more payments to be sent to my and then we are on our own. A year ago I was terrified by that thought but even that seems to not worry me so much, I suppose that I have been able to see that without huge changes we can actually survive just a bit more belt tightening required. I do still get a little angry at the whole system that would mean if we didn’t own our flat we would be getting out rent paid, but as we are we get no help at all, our Savior at the minute is the low interest rates, if it were to return to the higher amounts of just 8yrs ago, we would be totally lost! I have to be one of the few people in this world who is hoping for personal reasons that the economy doesn’t improve and I feel a little guilty about it.

It is strange how your life changes so greatly when all the thoughts of work and getting out and about are removed. I can honestly say I am a lot happier, it isn’t the job thing thought that has changed. I started being happier when I became housebound. I noticed it within a few weeks of not rushing around getting myself dressed and ready to be out there in the world. When I simply got out of bed, put on a nightdress and dressing gown, no time required to race through putting on make-up and doing my hair. Getting in and out of taxis and up to the office on time, then the reverse at the other end of the day. I was still working but my entire life changed when I was working at home. The pressure disappeared, I still did all my work and probably worked a little longer, but my general health improved quite rapidly in the first three months. I suppose the closest thing I could compare it to is a little like being on holiday. I had over 2hrs extra a day everyday, I could take a sleep if I needed it in the afternoon and finish my day’s work after that. I really believe that if everyone who could, worked from home, the change in the nations health would be huge! Add on to that that Mum’s and or Dad’s could then be at home to see their kids off to and back from school, child care would improve and the cost of child care would reduce, I can only see wins in every direction, the technology is there, why do we still not use it! To the bosses who worry their staff would slack off, well again the technology is there to monitor that and just think of the reduction in rental, heating, lighting and so on.

The chance of this happening in the next ten years, is so slim, just as the dream of the paper free office is still a dream. I really do think we some how though really do need to slow down, it is clear that our bodies were not built to exist in this pressure filled world, just look at the huge range of illnesses that are either totally caused by or are aggravated by stress and it is so clear that stress reduction is vital, this is a simple step towards doing just that.