Extreme abdominal spasms

Yesterday was a strange day, I spent parts of it in so much pain I really thought I was heading for the hospital. As you are aware I have for the past few months been having problems with my bowels and I am waiting for an appointment at the hospital. Although I haven’t been writing about it it hasn’t gone away. I have been doing as the doctor suggested and I came off all the meds they gave me to help move the food through my system and to see what would happen without them, well without them guess what I returned to the start of the whole thing, right back to December. My bowls only move if there is enough weight of food or there is no space left and as had been the problem through out there was days were my control had gone and I was messing myself when ever I moved. On Tuesday I wasn’t feeling well, not as in ill with MS but as in Ill like anyone else does, but I pushed through and didn’t eat as I really didn’t feel like it. Tuesday was the day our shopping arrived and as I had bought fresh fish we had to eat it by Wednesday evening, I still wasn’t feeling great and hadn’t eaten all day but I cooked the Salmon and settled on the settee with Adam to enjoy dinner. Within half an hour of eating I was lying on my bed feeling terrible and sweating like mad. It had been raining all day but suddenly it changed from steady to monsoon, the windows were open and I had to shut them quickly, as I stood up I knew I had to head for the loo quickly. That was when I realised that all the ill feeling really was coming from my bowels, I cleared enough to equal what I had eaten for dinner and I felt better. That night I took enough laxative to clear everything, it didn’t, a little more but not enough.

Feeling a bit better I thought little of it for the rest of the morning, busy here writing and so on it slipped from my mind. My jolt was painful and unforgettable. I am a mother, I have been through labour and the pain was identical. I was sat here at my PC and had to pull myself of my chair with my hands bracing me, I kept my breathing steady and the pain slowly passed. Thorough out I was aware of all the muscles in my lower abdomen being in total Spasm, and sweat poured again while the pain lasted, but still I didn’t go to the loo there was no movement despite the pain. I thought it was a one off, I wish it had been. Over the next 2 hours I had the same thing another 5 times. The last one was when it came to mind that I might be heading for a hospital visit as this wasn’t right and I couldn’t keep having that pain with nothing resulting from it. What stopped me, well let’s see, how do you explain to someone that you are not pregnant but you are having extreme labour pains. I have been through a few mad things in my life but that would be beyond nuts.

So here I am on Friday morning, I still haven’t been to the loo and I ate little yesterday what I did eat triggered a visit to the loo with tiny amounts leaving me and as always loose, I think I would now be shocked if it was any different. I haven’t had any more spasms but there is what I can only call a sharp ache in the entire area now, probably just the muscles recovering. We are coming up to 2 months since the Dr requested my appointment and I still haven’t heard anything at all. It’s Friday now so I know there is little point in my even phoning the Doctors surgery. I will see how it goes over the weekend and probably call on Monday. I do really need to get this sorted out, I have had so many mixed suggestions as to what is happening to me from just my MS, not the word ‘just’ closing down my entire gut to what my GP said might be coming from my gallbladder or spleen. To be in pain like this when I am doped to the eyeballs and filled with antispasmodics doesn’t seem at all right in anyone’s language.