I ate well! I exercised! I became ill?

A second quite day is ahead if I can ever get Adam out of his bed, he is going out for the day as it is his Mums birthday, Adam and his sister and her girlfriend are all of on a cycling trip, an unusual way to spend your birthday but if it is what she want then it should be what she gets. I am a strong believer in that is what birthdays should be. I have already been through 3 time to tell him that he has to move but I am being ignored, well not totally there is a grunt from under the duvet which I am totally sure isn’t an awake grunt. If he would just get up he would see that it is actually a perfect day for their outing, the sun is shining in a beautiful clear sky, but it is cool with a light breeze.

Years ago I used to cycle a lot, it was my only transport other than my feet so when I was on my own I cycled. There was on problem that i found with a bike over just walking and that was because first I was forced to go by longer routes and second I couldn’t actually carry as much shopping. In reality it was always easier to walk, but I used it to go to work when I was on the day shift and also if I had forgotten something from the shops, well the nearest shop to the house, even for a pint of milk was 2 miles away. When I moved to Glasgow I got rid of my bike in the first week, it was totally useless, if you have ever tried cycling in a city, especially in the early 90’s when there were no cycle lanes and so on, you will understand why I ditched it.

I have often found it strange that so many people who actually exercised more than the average, are the ones who more often get ill. Walking and cycling were not my only exercise, again before I came to Glasgow I swam for at least an hour each day and when I did stop cycling and swimming I took up exercise at home, weights and so on and I also took up dancing for at least a couple of hours a day. The only thing I could say I did wrong was smoke, I had a healthy diet and drank either nothing or just one or so alcoholic drinks a week. I remember as well that when I joined the doctors about 15yrs ago, the practice I am still with, my cholesterol level was so low they repeated the test as they didn’t think it was right.

You only have to listen to the News or talk to any others that you meet on stays in or visits to hospital and you will hear similar stories, I find myself questioning more and more the point of staying fit and eating well. I have to say I have given up on both, I don’t eat a lot but I eat what I want, rather than what I should and I drink everyday, it boosts the meds at night without my feeling bad in the morning. My health is so bad and I know my prognosis, so I am going to enjoy what I have left, I can see no reason now, to do the right thing, as I did for most of my life. Ironically it was because I always felt ill, that pushed me into trying to be fit in the belief that if I ate well and exercised I would stop being ill all the time, my health just got worse.

I don’t know if there is any research into this or not but it seems as though there is a really high number of so called fit people, getting serious chronic illnesses, we might not have damaged hearts and be riddled with cancer, but we get other illnesses instead. I do feel a little conned, I did all the right things in the belief that I would have a longer healthier life, what I got is the opposite. I wouldn’t be surprised to find their is little if any research into the previous health of those with autoimmune illnesses prior to diagnosis, why? because of several things, one being the question I asked and pushed the Doctor for an answer to, that was how long did they think I had had this for. He had to admit the NHS had been getting it wrong for about 20yrs. No Doctor is going to want to admit that, I didn’t think of it at the time but I guess it could have been another one of those things that I could have sued them for, something I don’t think is right to do.

I suppose it is normal to want to know why, what went wrong and why me? Questions that I expect to never have the answer to and ones I am sure not to be alone in wanting answered. I don’t ever remember been asked questions about my physical fitness or what my diet was like. None of my history was asked for, nothing was investigated after the MRI and Lumber-puncture came back positive, as did every test they did over those three days, that was the end of any investigation ever done. I still get the feeling that doctors don’t want to talk about anything other than medications how I feel and how I am coping, don’t seem to have ever come into it. Am I alone in this or have you heard of, or gone through the same thing?