NHS issues continued

I thought this was probably the easiest way of answering all the comments here and on Twitter. The problems in Glasgow started a few years ago when there was a sudden decision that they would centralise the call handling for the entire Glasgow health board area in one call center. On the surface that sounds a good idea, less staff needed everything in one place, a good cost saving exercise. As is with most cost saving plans there is a huge hole, the call center means that few of the staff answering calls, even if they have been there for years, actually finding the right number, for the right hospital and the right clinic, it is really hard to manage first time, especially as different people seem to have different names for the same place. Unless it is one they get all the time or you are calling a ward which you have a number for I can see that they are at the mercy of the software. I am not sure how many hospitals there are in the group, but a quick search on Google and I found 36, I have over the year personally attended 5 different ones, all of them are huge. I don’t blame the call handlers as I managed a call center and I know the problems they had, most often with the software that was meant to make things simple, but in reality is to restrictive to search for anything.

Adam came home for lunch yesterday and I told him what had happened and he took my hospital number back to work with him and went to see his boss, she confirmed that I am at least on the list but there is no appointment date actually allocated to me yet. She has also said that she is going to try and see what is happening as I shouldn’t be waiting a month with no date of appointment being sent to me. So hopeful I will hear something in the next couple of days. She was also angry that the system had once again shown a huge hole, thing that were promised to be fixed years ago and still aren’t. It is wrong thought that it takes having to have an insider to get anywhere, and I don’t like things happening that way.

After my day on my new blow up cushion I would have to say that for some reason it isn’t making things better. I again had to leave my PC and sit on the settee earlier than I wanted to, simply because my legs were so painful. So I am playing about with it today to see if it is just the position or something that I am getting wrong. Although it makes me a little high up the best way seem to be with the old cushion under it. At this second although I can still see a slight funny side to it, I am getting really fed-up with finding the only comfortable position is lying down in bed and I can’t do anything there. I feel a little like the Princess and the Pea fairy story, I can feel everything that isn’t perfect under the backs of my legs and bum.

In the last few months I seem to have been loosing the battle of balance with my MS. If they can find out what is wrong with my bowels and or my gallbladder then I might be able to cope with everything else again. I have no idea how they will be able to do something about the incontinence issues but they are all things this hospital appointment is for. I was up an hour early today as I had to go to the loo, the pain was so bad over that hour there was no point my even trying to lie down again, so I just came through here and logged on. Despite that my eyesight has improved a lot over night, the Vaseline effect is thinning so there is a little good news to report for the day so far.