My condition? Waiting AGAIN!

This is beginning to feel like a daily medical update. There is hopefully some good news following the Doctors visit yesterday but to me at this very second the best news is, I have no medical people in my home today!!! It just feels so good to be in a settled atmosphere, no tension of waiting around, feeling I can’t do anything as the doorbell might ring any moment, not that I really do anything, but even a shower is out until they had been and gone. Today just feels totally different.

I talked through all of what has been happening in the last few months and we are on all change footing at the moment. The Doctor confirmed what the nurse said the tablet fact having traveled right through intact to even the colour was clear Malabsorption, he agreed that that would be a perfect reason to my not having any control over my pain control. I had half expected that it would mean a change to injections but no. I’m not a chemist but apparently there are several different combinations that morphine can be administered in tablets form. It is highly possible that it is the combination the Oxycontin is that my body isn’t dissolving fully, so I am now on MST instead, this sounds simple but surprise, surprise it isn’t. It is impossible to say how much of the morphine has actually been getting into my system so we are playing with dosage at the moment. The reason Doctors prescribe Oxycontin is the combination of chemicals allow a lower level of Morphine, to have the same effect as doubling to pure morphine. The straight swap would mean I should be taking 90mg of MST and that is a lot of morphine. So we agreed that I will start on 30mg and I have 10 mg tabs as well, I can therefore work with it to get the right dosage for me. As I said before I have no desire to be flat out in my bed, but I don’t want too much pain either. This morning I took my first 30mg, one hour later I was in agony, there was not change to the pain level from before I took it. I dived in and I took another 30mg. That was 2 hour ago, I feel a bit doped but the pain is well under control, I think I could easily manage on 50mg, so I will try that tonight, I know the doctor wanted me to try the other way, going slowly upwards not high and coming down.

He as stopped all the bowel medications we have been trying to use to control them, he feel that all we may well be doing is aggravating the situation, but he isn’t sure what the problem is so I am going to have to go and see a Gastro Specialist at the hospital. A day out including people to get me there and back. The only thing that he said was, because of the pain I get, it may involve my Gall Bladder,but that could all be wrong, I need it all investigated. If it gets me body a little bit more controlled I will be happy. So I now wait for the letter to go to the hospital and everything else organised round it.

As for my leg, it is nothing more than what it always had been before, just fluid collecting due to my immobility, edema, more meds, doubling the dose of the fluid tabs to see if that shifts it, it might also help a little with the rest of my weight as well, fluid doesn’t only collect in your legs.

Tomorrow the District Nurse will be here again but luckily not with suppositories, they are going to do a full spectrum of blood tests, that will hopeful rule out some of the possibilities that could be behind my bowel problems, like my liver and kidneys. Then, well then I wait, wait for results, wait for appointments and wait for the right level of all my meds. I kind of feel that I have wasted the last few months and I am right back at the beginning. I also can’t help wondering what would have happened if we had continued on the path we were on, if I hadn’t found that tablet, what would have been the outcome?