‘Normal’ odd?

I had a really nice chat last night with Teressa, it is probably the last time I will speak to her until she is here in the UK, that still sounds rather odd that she is really going to be just a few hundred miles away rather than several thousand. She isn’t as up last night, I think the stress is setting in, the whole packing and arranging the removals, storage and delivery to an address she still hasn’t managed to arrange. Saga are sorting out somewhere for her and her boyfriend to stay for the first month, but as she will be arriving right in the middle of the Olympics it is proving to be causing a lot of problems all round. I have moved around the country a lot and I know that moving from one end of Britain to the other was hard enough, I can’t imagine what one side of the world to the other is like. When she moved from New Zealand to the US she didn’t have anything to take with her, but now she has all her own furniture and loads of belongings, this is her first ever real move, a steep learning curve.

The second visitor of the week came and left again quite quickly. What was meant to be a visit about a cushion has turned in to a chat about an electric chair for the house. It really feels like there is a conspiracy at the minute to thump it into my head that I am disabled! I think I did kind of chase her out of the house after that, politely and with out tears this time. For an OT I have to say she was quite human and quit friendly, plus she didn’t say anything about my crystal, all the past ones wanted me to get rid of it as I might just fall on to it. She is returning to her office to discuss my position with her manager so I will see what the outcome is, I have to say it was difficult to gauge anything as to what the outcome will be, she wasn’t even sure she would be able to supply the cushion I want. It was an all round odd visit. Normal position of waiting has been reinstated, why is everything on the NHS so difficult to sort out.
I have to say though having assistance on all these things is going to make things less painful and easier too. I just hope that the Doctors visit tomorrow goes as well, I seem to have quite a list of bits to discuss.

I am not sure that this process of suppositories is working, I know it is just the start of trying to get thing sorted out and working properly. I was clear of all accident yesterday afternoon and evening, although I was still heading for the bathroom every time I passed wind. The bad news is that I am back to normal this morning. That is kind of odd I just realised what I wrote there, ‘normal’, I am now calling incontinence normal. What is happening to me, two weeks ago I would never have used that word in connection with something so wrong, I really don’t like that, some thought is need clearly. Suddenly I don’t want to write any more today, I’m find don’t be concerned, I just need to sort this out in my head before I write any more.