The home coming!

After a week of stress and pressure that I know I have spilled out on to these posts I actually have some good news to finish the week on. Teressa my daughter is returning to live in the UK. She has been working for several years now for Sega in San Fransisco a job she has loved but is now going to be working at Sega UK in London. I am so happy that she is going to be closer, I know London is the other end of the country but it is far easier to come and visit from there, than it is from the USA. It has really been too many years since my little girl has lived here, apart form the 6 months she stayed in Glasgow when Adam and I married, she really hasn’t been here since her early teens when her Dad took her to New Zealand. Although we clearly won’t be seeing each other all the time, we will at least be able to talk, timezones have always been a problem for me and I worried about phoning and waking here, which I did a couple of times. With skype we have to arrange the calls but not in the middle of the night for one or the other. It is a kind of strange feeling knowing that in just another month or so her and her boyfriend will be flying into London to stay. I might actually get to meet this one, as I have never met any of her partners, I didn’t even meet her ex-husband. They say constantly that it is a small world and how fast our modern transport is, how easy it is to just jump on a plane, but they forget always to say how hard it can be, to afford that transport.

Although Teressa has clearly been a world hopper, something I guess she gets from her father, I never have been, I am a home bird. I love flying well if my memory from when I was 12, I love flying, it was just when ever I arrived there I wanted to get on the plane and go home again. The idea of my going to the US was actually always a fantasy that both of us knew wouldn’t happen. Even if I had had been able to afford flights, hotels and all the cost that are attached to time spent away, I think I know in my heart that I would have given her the money to come here rather, than me actually going there. Now well things have changed and I can’t see me ever being able to go anywhere so her home coming party will have to be done on Skype, I’m sure we will manage one of our unusual conversations where we say little and everything, we are so similar that one word often replaces a whole bundle of sentences.

I am also getting more settled into the idea of seeing my GP, apart from one 10 mins spent with a doctor about 3 and a half year ago, it’s 5 years since a proper medical visit. On Monday I am going to start keeping a list of the thing that I need to mention as otherwise I will probably land up saying that everything other than my bowels and legs are fine, I have done that too many times in the past. I think that one though is a universal problem just at it is to say to a waiter that your meal is great when it actually is horrid. I was trying earlier to work out why I feel I waste doctors time and I think it is another one of those things that I can thank my Mother for. I have this vague memory and it is in her voice, telling me to hurry as we didn’t want to waste the Doctors time. I can’t remember when or why, but that sentence is tied tightly to her, like so many other things, several already documented.