The Medics descend

If life was predictable then it would be boring, right? well I would really like some boredom right now. I had a call this morning as I expected from the District Nurse, I have a greed for her to come here on Monday to try the suppositories again as they worked better. I also agreed to my GP actually coming to my house mainly to examine my stomach, just to ensure there is nothing he can feel that could be possibly causing the problem with my bowels. He also wants to take a look at my right leg, I showed the nurse the other day that it is very swollen and even thought I have taken the diuretics, I am lying down for more than half the day and sit mainly leaning on my left side, it just doesn’t go back to normal. I also recieved a letter yesterday which I have already managed to loose to let me know someone is coming next week to see if they can improve the cushion I sit on, as the one I use now the gel has burst and it is uncomfortable. I think they will be here on Tuesday or Thursday, it doesn’t really matter as I am always here, so I can’t actually miss them can I.

So here I am suddenly with more medical people than I know how to put up with, descending on my suddenly. It is all a little over whelming to be honest. I suppose that it is good thing as I am long over due a checkup, there are loads of things that if I had been mobile, I would have been to see my GP and I haven’t. There is this strange little voice that keeps telling me that I shouldn’t call the Dr to come and see me, as I am wasting his time, the traveling back and forward for what is probably nothing of any importance. I think there has only been two occasions when calling a doctor to my home has felt right, once when Teressa was really ill as a baby, and being a first time Mum panicked at her temperature. The other was when I had pneumonia and landed up on oxygen in a hospital bed for a week, neither were wasting their time. Other than that I have always got their myself, either to the hospital or the surgery. I guess it is another part of my being independent, one of those steps of letting others help me when I need it. Still hard. At least I have a few days before he visits, so I have time to settle the idea in my head and possibly to make a list of the other things that bother me and I would like checked.

The stresses of this week is doing what stress does to anyone but with the added little nasty twists that MS can think up, although I had my meds increased just a couple of weeks ago I am once again in pain, especially as usual my legs. I could right at this minute curl up in bed and sleep for the rest of the day. I might just do that but I have to wait first for Adam to call in an hour, I can survive that I am sure.