Tremors and Twitches

I realised today that there is a symptom of my MS that I haven’t mentioned before, I have now for years had full body twitches,somewhere in my spine around my waist level there is a twitch, it varies a lot and used to be just an occasional occurrence, mainly when my stress levels were high. The Twitch causes all of my upper body to move involuntarily, it might be a tiny movement or it might be a violent one. When they are at there worst it appears as though my whole body is twitching but in reality my legs become involved as I use my leg muscles to steady myself. My torso moves either side to side to back and forward, normally it is a mixture of both. What ever it is that triggers it, also triggers the tremors in my hands to be worse. I know that it all comes from my spine as when I lie down on my back, I feel the twitch but my body doesn’t move. I noticed a few years ago that I always now wake up on my back and I really haven’t move all night as my hair is still neat and my entire back and my legs are stiff from the lack of movement. I guess even my subconscious has worked out to rest I have to stop the movement.

I do have some control over it, I can’t stop it totally that is impossible but I can steady it by using other muscles in my body to hold me steady enough to do things like eat and drink. On good days it is a slight, just like the tremors in my hands, visible and annoying but of no consequences unless I have a reason for fine movement. When the twitches are bad the effect also continues into my legs, but they are not so much twitching on for no reason, my legs move in reaction to what is happening above and I would say that they are trying to hold me just a little steady. I do have some control but it takes effort and I normally just let it get on with it’s twitching but for example, if I want to pick up a glass I have to tighten the muscles in my back right up into my shoulders, I then have to contract the muscles in my arm and hold the glass tighter than normal, with all these ridged muscles set, I can then lift the glass and reach my mouth without the contents going all over the place. At time is it will stop for a few minute suddenly reappearing without warning, that to me is when it is a problem, if I have a glass in mid air without the preparation, then anything can happen.

Like everything else with MS there are good days and there are bad days but it really is one thing that has clearly progressed in it’s intensity over the years. Strangely a new twitch appeared just about a year ago and it wasn’t me that noticed it it was Adam. My toes now have a tremor to match my hands. When sat, they can suddenly start moving, I don’t know why, but it annoys Adam when I am sat on the settee, I would have thought that the body shakes would have annoyed him, I know they do me at times but no, it is my toes twitching that gets on his nerves. Just like my spine, if I plant my feet flat on the ground, I feel the twitch but it hardly seen at all.

I guess that one day I will loose my ability to have any control over it and that is going to be a future problem, another I don’t really want to think about as that will mean I will then need to be fed. There is no rules as you should have realised by now with MS but I am guessing at the speed it has worsens already, that I may have if I am luck three to four years to think about that one.