Faith in your carers

I sat and read through a rather long article on the possibility that MS doesn’t actually exist and that it along with some other illnesses were all caused by the Borrelia bacteria, the same bacteria as causes Lyme. I never take one articular as meaning anything and I always cross reference with others freely available on the web. The original article implied there was a world wide conspiracy lead by the pharmaceutical companies into continuing the ‘myth of MS’ and all Doctors and hospital staff were taught to go along with it to ensure their future employment. Some of what their theory was based on appeared to be well grounded in science but when I started to check their figure against those from other studies I couldn’t make them match.

Over the years I have read loads of research documents and always find there are two very different sets of results available to all of them. I haven’t any medical training but when I come across or I am sent documents like these, I always approach them with an open mind. I like anyone with a chronic condition always hope that somewhere in it, will be the answers to a cure, but finding the truth is what we pay our research organisations to do. How we deal with and believe, is our own personal choice, one that we can then discuss with those responsible for our care. It is incredibly tempting to jump in and join each new school of thought as they appear as finding answers is increasingly important when you have none. So after looking at and considering the options I still choose to believe my condition is MS and that the treatments I have had and am still having are the right one for me. That is the most important point, it is right for me! If in 5 yrs time my GP says sorry we have just discovered that you have Lyme and you just need these tablet, well I at least know who to blame for not asking for it before, it will be my fault at that point.

If you don’t have faith in what you are told that is when you start to think they have got it wrong, I have faith in those around me and those who diagnosed my condition and the name they gave it. Faith in your carers is vital, if you don’t believe they are doing what is right for you, then is the time to look for another set of carers. When I was diagnosed with Fibro, I was told that was it and there was nothing else, I wasn’t happy something inside was still telling me there was something else there. I didn’t have faith in the statement that there was nothing else wrong, no faith, meant I had to look else where for my truth. Within a year, I was also told following other tests that I also had MS, that felt right and I had faith. Those feeling shouldn’t be ignored, and I would tell anyone to keep looking until they find it.

I will carry on reading, considering and cross referencing, I will never give up the hope, but I hope for a cure to MS.