My health has always been wonderfully iffy to put it mildly, before my diagnosis I read and read, trying to find out what was wrong, there were so many illnesses that it could have been, that I found I had every illness I had heard of and many I hadn’t, clearly that wasn’t the case, but I was aware that MS is far from the only illness that causes not just cognitive problems, but other brain damage as well, so when the other day I was asked by a friend on Twitter to tag some of my posts with #BrainTumourThursday, I wasn’t in anyway surprised, honored yes, surprised no.

There are so many things that I have spoken about in these pages that are relevant to many different illnesses and as I am not medically trained, my descriptions are those of a person who is living through and with, the same things as many many others. To any of you reading for the first time I hope you find what I write interesting and hopeful a little helpful too.

I at last, last night took my first increased dose of Oxycontin. Adam went to the Chemist after work and I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas, I was so looking forward to having the pain reduced. I knew before I took it that it will take a few day to start truly reducing it, not because it is a build up med but because I know that to try and ease my pain I have been walking and sitting in odd positions a lot. The incorrect posture has caused pain in other places, so once I have the MS pain reduced I can hopefully rectify. 45mg dose I hope is going to be enough, as agreed with my GP this is on test and I have to be open to the fact it might not be enough. All evening I actually felt the pain was lessened slightly but I had as I said somehow got this stupid excitement and as usual when your expectations are high, the result is always questionable. I slept well and this morning I actually did manage to get out of bed with less pain than I have been living with for months. Tablet 2 this morning and again I think there is less pain in my legs, they are still painful, it’s not like they are suddenly perfect but there is a reduction. Another one of those waiting things, waiting this time to see the full effect.

I of course since the request have spent time thinking about what to me has been the hardest issue caused by lesions on my brain, like so many other things in life the worst is always the one that is there at that second. At least the good point is you forget things quickly, lol. The most terrifying experiences happened a few years ago when I founding myself lost in places I knew, sounds silly unless you have been there, but since housebound lucky that hasn’t been a problem. Now, well finding words and putting them together, then actually getting them out of my mouth is probably the most annoying. Even getting them from my finger tips is an issue at this second, but I get there. It isn’t an easy life but I have worked on building a happy one and it is something that I really believe is achievable by everyone.

So welcome to anyone who is here for the first time, appropriately I am working today from with in a fog and with a memory that is struggling. Today is short and hopefully sweet, you can leave comments or contact me through twitter, I try to answer question when I can and I am always glad to here from my readers.