Common Sense is vanishing

I am constantly amazed at the lack of knowledge of simple things, common sense situation that I see and hear daily on the TV. A prime example being those on the news in the past few weeks, almost daily saying they couldn’t understand why there was a drought, as they had had an hrs rain that day? Everyday from when the drought started in England, we heard a member of the public, followed by another one the following day saying the same thing and each showing to me a huge lack of what I would call common sense. The scary ones were those who were wearing suits and clutching briefcases with middle-class accents, the business men of our world, the wealth creators, then equally scary, the mother with children in tow, the people who are responsible for the next generation, each showing a staggering lack of thought. I sat here nightly in total disbelief that the simple principle of our water supply evades them, especially as almost nightly it was explained. Sometime I can be a little slow to pick up on things but I have always common sense, I have always seen that logically you can’t dry you freshly bathed puppy in a microwave, so why do people do and say these things?

I don’t know if you have ever bothered to read those warning stickers on everyday items but some of them just amaze me, like the warning on a candle that I actually saw and read saying you should handle with care as you can burn yourself on them. Some I am sure are there not as a warning of a possible danger, but as a defense to avoid being sued, either way I see it as sad and either way I see it a worrying.

I have absolutely no qualifications to my name other than a couple of certificates I acquired on day courses when I was managing a bar, I went on the courses because I had to. My point being I am not in quotes an ‘Educated Person’, so if I know that it takes weeks of rain to filter though refilling and raising the ground water levels, to refill a reservoir, why doesn’t everyone? I don’t remember ever learning these things, or going out of my way to find out, but I know because it is logical. The same way as it is logical that if I climb a ladder as an MS sufferer, the likely hood is I will fall off that ladder, common sense I didn’t need an MS Nurse or specialist to tell me. So as clearly not a stupid person why do they every year send my a letter requesting for a specially trained MS Nurse to come and visit me. After years of saying that I was fine and I didn’t need or want to see the nurse I decided last year to give in and let her come to the house, to be honest after talking to her on the phone for about twenty minutes I just gave in.

She arrived and settled herself down in my living room and explained in words and a tone that I would use to a toddler, what it was she was here for. I just nodded and let her get on with it. There were a large list of questions all of which the answers were in my medical notes which she had with her, but I answered them, after about an hour she smiled and said ‘Well there appears there is nothing I can do for you’. She had from the first time I spoke to her, fallen into the section of people I described at the start of this piece, but clearly educated and clearly paid well as a specialist. I told her clearly on the phone before she came and again at the end of our talk, that I knew there was nothing she could do and if I did need help I would ask for it. Through out her visit right to my final comment she wrote things down. The phone rang this morning, guess who it was and what they tried to insist was required?

I am constantly amazed at the lack of knowledge of simple things, common sense situation that I see and hear daily on the TV. A prime example is the NHS cuts, it might just be that the NHS need to employ a few more people with common sense, rather than fancy educational certificates.