Do you want to reboot now? YES!!

So OK we all have days where it seems nothing is going to go your way, all your plans are thrown out the window by something really silly and really annoying. When your world is centered around your PC to switch it on start getting annoying messages from software upgrades that when you try to do as they say won’t install, is not a good start to the day!! When it comes to my PC I am reasonably good with understanding, locating and fixing things. I like PC’s because unlike people they are logical and straight forward, once you master their principals, most things flow. The problem today wasn’t my PC but the so called updates. The solution was simple but I wasted time trying to avoid it, uninstall the old version and install the new version which has the update in it.

I have put a lot of work over the last few years sorting things out and arranging my world to keep stress to the minimum as it is 100% bad for MS, the more stress the more severe the symptoms get. My world though isn’t a stress proof bubble and things still happen. I think everyone would like a bubble like that, where at the end of the day you can crawl in and the stress with it’s causes would simply disappear, mind you the problem then would be leaving the bubble. We have to accept it, a stress free life is only possible on a fantasy island, ironically we actually create a lot of the stress ourselves. For example no one makes us do things like shopping in a fixed length of time, but we all have it in our heads the time we think it will take and stress starts when that time has passed. So why do we do it?

I got myself in spin because I have sectioned my day into periods of time when I can do one thing or another, ensuring I do everything I want and I then I can sleep the ridiculously long period of time my body demands. On normal days this system does really make a difference, before I would find that I let myself be side tracked and I would then find it hard to sleep, as my mind was filled with undone things, the more tired I got the more ill I felt. It seems that this week is doomed to be a bad one, one that tests me, my systems and my health. I have had several days of struggling with a brain that would rather be somewhere else and a body that wants to sleep and I am not winning the battle with either. I know routine is the answer but life is getting in the way of it at every turn. I wish that just like my PC, my body had a reboot button and everything could be brought back in balance as I am simply not getting there myself. Once again I find myself saying maybe tomorrow.