Independent thinking

Some of you may have noticed I don’t fill my posts with links to other blogs of even to medical sites, I do this on purpose and it has a simple reason behind it, I no longer read other blogs that are about MS. That may surprise some of you but I have done it on purpose, it was a conscious decision as it is all to easy to allow others individual impressions affect your own. I wanted and have tried hard to maintain this blog as my journey, (I hate that word but it is so hard to avoid) and the discoveries and problems I encounter. When I was first diagnosed I read everything and anything that I could find and on occasion found a person who I connected with and who was writing what I felt, but with all of them there were things I couldn’t agree with, just as there will be in here for many of you who follow my daily ramblings. I equally found medical sites cold and to simplified to provide a voice for my MS, everyone’s MS is different and that is a medical fact, therefore so is the voice that accompanies it, I am luck, I can give mine a voice and a place to be heard, not everyone can. When someone suggest that I read something I politely change the subject and move on but as I am human what they have said, will enter my mind and I will think about it.

I don’t know how many of you what ‘Hollyoaks’, but they are using a story line just now that is making my just a little angry. To set the picture the story is following a teenager who has been duped into having a cannabis farm in the attic of his families home. One of his friends fathers has MS badly, although I don’t think we have seen him for over a year now, he went into hospital never to return, but his son is using his father health as a cover story to protect his friends from the others in their group. The story line angers me for several reasons but the main one is due to the issue of cannabis being constantly linked to MS. Although all medical tests have returned no real evidence to support the belief that cannabis helps with the MS symptoms, I am sure it probably does, but what always annoys me is the now common assumption that because I have MS I smoke cannabis. I don’t. I tried it as a teenager, as most do, but I have never touched it since and I never want to, as it is illegal. It might work but I don’t want to find out, I wouldn’t ask my husband to get a criminal record because of me, I will take anything that my Doctors give me but that is all.

I have nothing but praise for Hollyoaks writers, who wrote an excellent story line on the impact of a parents MS on a teenage carer, but just as the blogs I read, the fathers MS wasn’t the voice of mine. TV has tried, many times and I have watched many of them but I have to try hard not to get angry a lot of the time, as they all seem to be doom and gloom stories. I am glad that it is now a story line included in many different programs and awareness is raised, but I am angered constantly by the image TV insists on portraying of a person incapable of any independence, smoking cannabis and falling over every two seconds. Hallo TV world, there are loads of us out here, not just me who are aware of our futures but still living to the fullest extent and still happy to do so, oh and don’t smoke cannabis.

5 thoughts on “Independent thinking

  1. I have heard livinginlimited world that cannabis does greatly help pain I am sure I have heard somewhere that some doctors might precribe it … I agree with checking medical problems on the internet is not always a great idea xx


  2. One of the by products of the illegality of cannabis is the lack of reliable evidence based research and the wealth of anecdote.

    Cannabis is illegal, though the penalties for simple personal use, for most people, are lower than those imposed on someone sitting in their car at traffic lights with the key still in the ignition and using their mobile phone.


  3. I agree entirely. Until I completely changed my life 13 years ago I was a rock musician so I did what most rock musicians do – smoke dope. Now, 13 years later, I am firmly convinced that cannabis use fogs the mind, weakens one aura, and is generally debilitating. I have lived with & loved a MS person (I don’t like the expression sufferer or victim) for the past 8 years and I have no doubt at all that any substance that effects the nervous system in the way I suggest can only be deleterious. I meditate daily, and I believe that THAT can be very beneficial for many health problems, including of course MS.


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