Sunlight from below

I saw something yesterday evening that I don’t remember ever seeing before in my life, I was transfixed by it but it lasted less than a minute and unlike the new generation I didn’t have a camera stuck to my hand. I was watching ‘Antiques Roadshow’ when in the corner of my eye I saw a light, it was more of a glow than a light and it was so bizarre that it was transfixing. Living in a flat the view from my window is really that of the flats across the road, with gaps filled with greenery, then more houses. Noting that isn’t on almost every street in every city through out the world, so seeing what looked like was the guttering of the flat opposite flood lite from below, was odd. I had to stand up and go to the window to investigate. There were no floodlights? Every house and every tree was lite from below by unseen lights. Scientifically I expect the answer was that it was refraction, the setting sun and it’s deep colour was bouncing of invisible layers of the atmosphere, but it was magical and only there for seconds, before disappearing.

It was a beautiful soft light, but at the same time warm with a strength behind it, I suddenly saw how our ancestors could have seen just the same and with no understanding of science, seen this to be a sign from the gods. As the effect faded the light of the setting sun became deeper and deeper through the orange ranges and on into deep burnt reds. A beautiful end to a rather damp and dull day. A settled back into watching the TV but I couldn’t stop thinking about it and imagining the scene in ancient Greece with the same illumination covering the Acropolis, it was so easy to see the soothsayer reading into it future events and blessings.

To me this was no sign but it was something new and a little inspiring, it’s not often that God goes down your street and sends blessings on everything he touches. Sorry I’m being flippant again. What I hope it is though, is yet another sign to those reading this that although I never leave my limited living space, I am still finding and discovering new things, a little more proof that life goes on and still inspires from right here in my flat.