Food? No thank you.

Last night we decide to have a Chinese ‘Take Away’ for dinner as an early celebration of a couple of events later this week, I am still paying for it. I really to be very truthful wish I hadn’t eaten it at all, it was lovely and no I don’t have food poisoning but I am paying. I’ve know for years that my body doesn’t react well to large quantities of food and added to the recent shut down of my gut I really was just asking for the results I got. I ordered a portion of Spare ribs with a bag of prawn crackers to enjoy the remaining sauce with. That should have been it but I was greedy and ordered a King Prawn Satay to follow. We know this ‘Take Away’ well and I knew exactly what would arrive. My plan was to only pick out the prawns from the satay hoping that the quantity would be fine, they were just too much, I should have stopped after the ribs as I was already getting warning signs, but I kept going.

The internal pressure on my lungs, diaphragm and stomach was almost unbearable and I can do nothing but wait for it to go away. I could find no position to sit in last night, how ever I twisted my torso, front and back the pain remained, all I did at best was to shift it from one side to the other and give my MS the perfect excuse to cause pain as well. All evening I was unable to find any comfort or piece from it, I could hardly walk and felt hellish………..

I stopped at that point earlier, at 10:20 I had to go back to bed I was almost doubled up with the pain and the pressure on my other organs was ridiculous. Although feeling terrible I was better lying done than sat here, but now I’m giving it a go again. All I have had today is half a slice of bread and my meds. From my shoulders to my hips, I can find not one small area that remains pain or pressure free, my lungs feel like they are trying to share my ribs with a balloon which keeps changing shape and worse on my right side. My diaphragm and stomach ache, but there are shards of pain released in waves I really can’t continue typing, I had hoped it would have died down by now but it hasn’t so my friends until tomorrow I am closing this post……..

8 thoughts on “Food? No thank you.

  1. Oh, you have my deepest sympathy, llw, that’s exactly what happens to me when I eat too much…being extremely squashed up through the severity of the curvature, I have the same reaction and it is truly agony…difficult to describe to somebody who has never had it…I’m really careful now…the temptation though to think that just a bit more will be okay is so strong sometimes…;) Hope you feel more comfortable very soon, llw…GBHs…XXX


  2. Oh my, I can identify how we can fool ourselves into doing more than we should. I was drooling with you thinking about the lovely chinese flavours and can sympathise with the resulting suffering. I hope it eases quickly.


  3. oh, the wretched thing takes its time…it happened to me when we went to Stourhead and stayed in Shaftesbury…went to a restaurant on the second evening and I had the works at around 8, usually a total no no to eat that late but no option…several hours later I was still writhing around in agony…we ate very small meals and none later than six after that…I keep saying I’ve learned my lesson but I occasionally forget and go and do it all over again…;) Hope it settles down soon…GBHs…XXX


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