Alternative Therapy, medication or miracles

I know that everyone is different and have things that work for them and not for others and I think this is as true for alternative therapy as it is for everything else in life. Many People have suggested that I try this therapy or that one and I have tried a few, unfortunately this has left me usually lighter in pocket and no better health wise. I have become the biggest skeptic in the world when ever I hear of a new treatment or therapy for Multiple Sclerosis.

Over the years prior to my diagnosis I spent on many occasions what little money I had on treatments that promised to help with or get rid of the pain, the tiredness and so on. None did and none gave me my money back so I was worse off than before, not just pain in my body but also my bank account. I became somewhat desperate about 3 years before the NHS worked out what was wrong and I paid a fortune on going to the Homeopathic Hospital in Glasgow, it does to this day have a fabulous reputation so I guess that it works well for many. I didn’t know what was wrong with me and neither did they, but I paid out for 4 one hour session were they did nothing but ask simple questions which I answered, not once did they examine me or do any tests. I understand that they work on a whole body and mind system but by the end of the 4 hours not one thing had been done or prescribed or anything else. When I asked on my last visit what they thought it was and what could be done I was simply told that it would take several more visits to be able to do that, several more payments that would have left me going into debt to pay for them, I never went back.

I attended a pain clinic where I was told to relax and the pain would lessen and may even go away? Yeah, well it didn’t then and it doesn’t now. I went weekly to physiotherapy and found no help and on one of my madder moments I tried Yoga, surprise, surprise, twisting painful limbs, make them hurt more. Weekly there are so called new breakthroughs and new treatments that if you followed and paid for them all would bankrupt anyone. I know money is nothing if you don’t have your health, but when you have neither it suddenly becomes important. I am sure that there are many out there who believe entirely in the power of alternative therapies, I believe that any that help you to de-stress your life will help everyone and any condition, but relaxation isn’t the answer to everything. There are unfortunately too many charlatans out there to have any faith in someone who asks for money upfront. I watch loads of documentaries and consumer programs and the consensus of them also seem to agree with what I have found. If only miracles were as easy as they claim no one would be ill and no one would die. I have slowly over the years taken the stance that if it isn’t on the NHS, it probably isn’t going to work.

A few years ago the talk was all about the wonder treatment that was available with stem cell therapy, so far unfortunately the medical trials are still in their infancy and still not claiming results. Yet there have been loads of MS sufferers who have found the money to go abroad and have the treatment, well they think they have. I doubt many have had anything beyond distilled water injections and the TV investigations are baring witness to this. I am not a medical person but I know from reading and following the research that three things are required to heal MS. First and most important is the resetting of the immune system, as long as it is capable of doing more damage it will, without fixing the immune system anything achieved else where will in time be undone. If this step is missed or fails any treatment will only be temporary. Step two, when no more damage can be done the Myelin sheath needs to be repaired, without this there will be no improvement in the condition and although you won’t get worse you won’t get better either. Step three, the damage of the lesions needs fixing, that damage isn’t just a the lesion site it can be more extensive as the lesion has weakened the surrounding areas. Damage to the most sensitive area the brain, may well be unfix-able.

I’m not being doom and gloom, I am being realistic. I would love that miracle to be true, but it is very unlikely to be in my life time. Alternative therapies are I believe palliative and if they help you fantastic, I prefer to swallow the medicines.