Set to be exhausted

I’m running a little behind my normal scheduled today but for good reasons for a change. Skype came to life just as I had settled down to write, I have already been chatting with Tracey, this time with no tears, she is really back in my life. Strange how you can have things clear and ready to do something and then minutes later have no idea what it was and I know that isn’t just my MS but it’s a good excuse.

I had actually been sat here looking round my room and smiling. Adam has been true to his word and he has started to clean the house up. I am once again sitting looking at objects that sparkle rather than hide under dust, it means so much to me to be able to go from room to room and see things slowly turning into areas I am once again not just happy to be in but also where my memories are now beginning to match reality.

I know this morning was going to be busy as it is today that our fortnightly shopping arrives. For years, in fact I can actually say with confidence 12 years I have had all our shopping delivered to the house. I would recommend it to everyone as trailing through crowded supermarkets has never been something I enjoy. I was actually registered with 3 supermarkets in Glasgow waiting for them to extend their home-shopping network. I’m not going to advertise any supermarket here as your likes and dislikes in shopping are amazingly personal, but all 3 popped up as active in turn and all were tried until the next appeared. The results actually were all very similar and in the end my online shop is with the company I used to begin with.

I can’t recommend the whole system strongly enough, even if you are able bodied, it is a total joy in comparison to trailing round on a Saturday morning. I have never had anything but the freshest food, or the occasional and best substitutes if there was something I wanted but was out of stock. But the best bit is this, I pay them just £3.50, they do the leg work and carry it all up 3 flights of stair, bringing it all right to my kitchen floor and worktops. On a couple of occasions when I was having a bad day the delivery guys have actually put the fridge and freezer foods away for me, not in the right places but away. It would cost me five times that much just for taxis! I did check out and find a shopping system set up in Glasgow for elderly or disabled and they charge £15 for a small shop. It took me just 15 mins to send the order on line and they will deliver within a two hr slot that I chose. This to me is a no brainier. Over the rest of today I put away what I can leaving the heavy things like coke bottles and so on for Adam to deal with later.

By the time Adam calls to check I am OK I will be wiped out and ready to sleep. I know that I could have the shopping delivered when Adam is at home and he would be more than happy to do all of the work, but this is one of those silly little things that I can still sort of manage and I don’t feel totally useless at. There are strange little things that I hold onto and continue doing that logic says should have been long gone, but they strangely become inflated in there importance and remain as my domain. I will be exhausted later but it will be a good exhaustion as I will have achieved a small act of every day life.