The libiration of writing

Everyday I read the comments from these pages and from Twitter and I everyday am humbled first by the number of people who read and then by the number who have said that I voice not just my life but theirs. I know that not everyone believes they can write and that a lot of people feel they aren’t good at it but I would recommend to everyone in both of those set to try it. I don’t see myself as a writer, more a note taker and an observer, I tried to write years ago with mistaken belief that I needed to write a novel, a great work of literature. I tried a couple of times but found not surprisingly that when I read back my work I was always disappointed. I was breaking the first rule of writing and that is to write about what you know. Although I was trying to do that I was still sure that a novel was the only option. I didn’t have a need to write about my different jobs over the years or about marriage and child rearing, but I see now the problem was those words ‘a need to write about’. That’s why I say to all of you take a few minutes to sit and write, it doesn’t have to be a blog, it can just be on paper with pen, find the ‘need’ and write. From what I read daily I know many of you have as big and as powerful ‘need’ as I do.

My ‘need’ is clear to all, I have to sort out what is happening to me physically and emotionally, how to fit myself into a changing body, a changing role and a person who at times is reluctant to comply or overjoyed with success, or screaming out in pain. The biggest thing that writing has done for me though is very personal and it is letting me see my own reactions and thoughts. That I am sure sounds a little odd but think about it, how often do you focus for an hour a day on things that are in your own mind, not the news and weather of life but the totally singular person that is you, taking the time to order those thought and going over them to ensure others will understand. That was the starting point and it grew by itself, no forcing or effort into a the liberating and emotional pivot of my blog. My ‘need’ is understanding, my own and others. I see daily the number of people around the world who also find that understanding in my words and that is a huge bonus one that has given a new purpose, I lost that purpose when I lost my job. It doesn’t pay in cold hared cash, and it doesn’t use the skills I was educated in but writing does so many other things that I have grown very quickly to love it.

Why do I recommend you sit down and write, probably because it is a window out of and in to, a world that you and you alone can open.