Bye Bye High Street

Bye bye High Street

The start of a new week to many is the Monday morning blues. I’ve never had that feeling as far as I remember. Nearly all of my life it has been a 7 day working week with no really set ‘weekend’. If I am honest I have actually never understood the British obsession of having Saturday and Sunday off work. Every job that I have had simply wasn’t structured that way and I rapidly embarrassed the mid-week days off work. Everything I wanted to do on my days off was far easier to do with the rest of the world working. Shops were quieter and open when I wanted to go, banks staff where their to assist not just machines that issued cash, everything was quite simply quieter, quicker and enjoyable. Although I am thinking back about 18 years ago I am sure it is still very much the same as the rules on working hours haven’t actually changed in that time.

I can see that once you have children because of their education that a 9-5 5 day week has an appeal, but the lifetime commitment isn’t actually a lifetime, children are a small part of a lifetime to be inconvenienced for the rest. There is so much on TV these days about how our high streets are dieing and people are buying on line instead, has anyone actually tried to really supply a service in their shops, opening the hours that people are free to go there and possibly delivering as well? I’m sure that the time is coming when there will be no high streets, unless they can offer the same and more than the internet does.

I actually for one wouldn’t miss it in the slightest, I haven’t been in any shops at all for over 10 years and only the last 4 of them is because of being housebound. I stopped going to shops at the point when my working became more centered on the standard hours and the internet started to offer another option, one that was there when I wanted and didn’t involve shopping in crowds, in this case I would say that the rest of the world is catching up with me. Bye bye high street shops:wave: