Skype, wheelchairs and mothers day

I continued my experiment last night as I had to take another dose before Adam could get to the shops and I mixed it with just the tonic water, I was tempted to add the Gin as well but I prefer to sip that slowly. I have to say that tonic worked quite well, at least to the point that I could drink it rather than gag on it. I used the tonic again this morning and hopefully I will have a good squirt of lemon to add to it this evening.

I had a really nice evening last night I talked via Skype with my daughter for the first time. We didn’t speak about anything that important just chatter about life and her career, but catching up was fabulous. Skype is another one of those things I wish I had set up long ago and one that I can see in the future being used far more by everyone. I can see how it would be a fabulous way of cutting costs and time for doctors appointments. The Skype call last night was just great, getting to actually see her and talk at the same time was a wonderful treat, even though it looked as thought she had her PC in her wardrobe. It had me rather confused until she explained the lay out of her flat, the small corridor between the bedroom and the bathroom is used as a walk in wardrobe. There just happened to be one of the most precious things in old flats, a power socket. I had to agree with that one, when we bought this flat we installed a new kitchen, tripling the sockets in that room, but we still have extension cables for running some items. It seems to me that there are always two thing that builders get wrong in every house I have ever lived in, old or new, power sockets and cupboards, there are never enough of either.

When ever this house was re-wired there was one thing they did that I am really pleased about, there is not one power point set in the skirting board, all of them are about 18 inches off the floor. With my mobility and balance somewhat wobbly, it really makes a huge difference as bending over can be a dangerous procedure. So many people just look at the obvious problems that disability and think that providing a wheelchair and some grab bars is all that is really needed. OK that may help but it is really the millions of small things, that add up to far larger ones.

I have lost count the number of times that I have found myself stumped by something as simple as dropping the cap from a bottle of coke, an open bottle can’t go back in the fridge it will just go flat. I tried a long grabber stick but my tremors made it impossible and if it did work, one would be required for each room, wondering around is tiring. I found the answer to that one eventually, I now have in the butter shelf of the fridge a collection of bottle tops, if I drop one it stays there until Adam is home and I use one from the shelf. Now take that simple problem and think of the thousands of other items that this can be applied to, not one is answered by a wheelchair or a grab bar.