Do we really think or choose?

I was sat on the settee last night watching TV, well not really watching, more facing in that general direction, with my mind a million miles away from the program that was on. In itself there is nothing odd in that, I’m sure that millions of people do exactly the same thing daily, but I actually questioned what I was doing and why. I was sat there because that’s what we do, no great plan or decision process had gone in to it. No thought at all in fact. The only decision making process that was involved was to watch what we always do or not. So much of our lives are lived in that fashion, routine, unquestioned actions that we participate in and we call it free will, freedom of choice. As a child I remember being told by my mother that I thought too much, but I think it is actually more accurate to say we as people think too little. If thought was involved, would we really choose to be couch potatoes or is something we have learned to be? I would say it is learned.

We all submit to the easy option, and I don’t mean just when it comes to TV. This morning I decided to change my routine and it was actually a difficult thing to do, try it, just make a decision for one day to not do what you always do. Don’t get out of bed and just do things as always, instead of coffee have tea, light your first cigarette after it is made rather than while the kettle is boiling. Routine is really hard to break, the problem is your concentration will slit and you will forget, all of a sudden without your permission you are back where you always are. I don’t think we think too much, I believe we think to little.