Flare day 5

This morning I was on the phone to a friend talking about his drum kit, after a few minutes I have to say my mind started to wonder, although I was in the music business years ago I was never really into the finer details of different types of cymbal. For the first time in the past couple of days I found myself grateful for an extremely painful spasm. As he started to discuss the fact that his snare drum was made of brass, tears started to run down my face and I started doubling up. This was the third attack today on my diaphragm, not an MS hug, that is the intercostal muscles but right round me crushing the lower part of my lungs and my stomach. The pain radiated round me and up my spine taking it to my shoulders and I had to get off the phone.

I had at 7:30 this morning dared to think I was heading to the end of this flare but clearly I’m not. My left leg is still sore, which I would expect as there is always areas that take time to settle but there was nothing new and nothing that I thought had got worse. For two hours I was really feeling brighter due to my optimism but it wasn’t founded and was definitely premature.

On a scale of one to ten this hit at level ten right off, no gentle working up, no warning, just huge pain. I tried lying on the couch but it’s too short really so totally flat out is impossible, I thought about the floor but I always have problems getting back up. There is one good thing about spasms, the clue is in the name, they don’t last for long and the muscle will release. This one was turning into a serial killer, and leaving pain behind it. After the fourth episode, I retreated to bed for a couple of hours and the vertical position has actually helped. I had lain there as still as possible trying to relax my upper body as I have found before that spasms can be triggered once they have started themselves. Fingers crossed I have made it to 3 hours, there is a residue pain, just as you would have after having a bad cramp and I am moving slowly just in case.

The good news today is that my face feels normal again just small normal spells of tingling and gentle numbness. It seems to centering on my spine, the gentler one in my lower back and are still there, with now a big sister from hell centered on my upper spine. Add the fog, stutters, tremors and twitches it is fare to say this is day 5.