Styling required

I have avoided cameras for year, believe me it is an art which I have honed to a skill. Adam tried the other night to take a couple of pics as I had been advised the my photo on ‘Linkedin’ wasn’t helping me on my job search. That caused me a problem, I only had 4 or 5 of me as an adult, I knew that the one I had used for this blog wasn’t right for business site, so I had used one of my wedding picture. The advice I got said that the picture of me with blue flowers in my hair was almost as bad as having a couple of pints in front of me, I looked as though I was heading out for the night partying. I had to agree that it may not have been the best when I am trying to continue my career as a Operational/MI Analyst.

I was horrified by that pictures that Adam took. I looked about 70 not 51 and so fat, that I was left looking at it and not recognising myself. I hadn’t realised just how lazy I had become about my appearance. Simple things like dying and styling my hair had gone, a few years ago. The pain that it caused in my arms just to daily wash, straighten, back comb and style just didn’t seem worth it as I wasn’t going anywhere. I had let my hair grow and just pulled the now greying mop into a ponytail. I hadn’t even had it cut in the last 4 years so the ponytail option was really the easiest. Now I needed a new picture and I also had a web cam on it’s way for the newly installed ‘Skype’, emergency action required!

At the back of one of the bathroom cabinets I knew there was a box of hair dye, I didn’t check it but I was sure that hair dye doesn’t go out of date. This box was at least 5 years old as I had bought several boxes when it was on offer. So I had the dye, the next step was getting it into my hair. The solution was clear I was going to have to show Adam. From my experience of trying to teach him to cook, was setting me on edge, how to teach him to dye my hair without the usual arguments about what I said and what he heard. I knew there was no way of avoiding it but I was surprised at the fact it only happened once, the dye went in, a little slowly but he got there. Half an hour later I headed to the shower to wash it out. No matter how long you spend running water through the dye you never manage to clear it completely, it leaves patches of watery dye not just in your hair but over your body as well. When we had updated our bathroom I had bought us a lovely new set of towels, some peach and some cream, my hair dye is a deep purple, solution I had to dry myself with kitchen towel. Adam dried it for me, I now had no grey hair but it was a long frizzy muddle which I still had the urge to tie back and I was exhausted by the whole thing and needed to sleep on it in more way than one.

Fresh day and the fresh challenge of the hair straighteners. I had forgotten that this step is actually the easiest of all and the results instant and perfect. A little eye liner, mascara and face powder and I was ready to face the now installed web cam. The result was dramatic!! With the pictures Adam had taken beside the ones I had looked like one of those makeover photos you see on TV and I am happy with them. If you thought you were getting to see the before picture, then forget that thought as it isn’t going to happen. My profile picture was taken 14 years ago, my new ones don’t look that different yes I am older but by the right amount.