Close encounters of the floor kind.

Today is turning out to be just a bit wild. I have managed to nearly find the floor with my head twice, it really seem I have an affinity with the bathroom floor. I lost count last year of the times I manage to catch my leg or lost my balance just trying to have a shower, that we decided it was time for a new bathroom. The old one had the shower over the bath, standing on one leg is clearly not a good idea when you have problems holding your balance on two. I had been supplied with a bench type affair that fitted over the bath with the process being that I was to sit on the bench and lift my legs into the bath. In theory that all sounds great, the problem with life as we all know there has to be a ‘but’, this process was no different. The ‘but’ started with the fact that the shower screen was so long that the seat couldn’t be used with the screen open, and once I was stood in the shower I couldn’t open the screen without difficulty, once open I then had to turn the shower on which meant freezing cold water to start with and little to no way of escaping it. It may sound funny but believe me the humour disappears quickly. There was no choice left we needed a shower cabinet if not only for my safety, to protect our neighbours from streams of bad language.

As with any building project nothing ever goes smoothly and the 10 day period they said it would take landed up as 3 weeks, it was worth it though and we now have a fabulous bathroom. I can now have a shower safely and on bad days I can even sit if I need to. The builders wanted to install grab rails at the time but I wouldn’t have them. I have been determined that I do not want my home to be a hospital before it has to be. This is my home and I want to enjoy it with all its dangers included, if I fall and get hurt or break something then that is what happens. Today I again got away with it, there are loads of things around me which although they don’t look like it, serve as grab rails quite adequately.

I general I know when I am unsteady and I know what not to do, I learned the hard way years ago when I woke in the middle of the night and went to get a drink and a cigarette. I was in the kitchen, cigarette in hand and a mug of hot coffee, I suddenly knew that I needed to sit down or I was going to go over. Stupidly I thought I would head for the sitting room, I never got there. Two hours later I came round on the kitchen floor, I had been lucky with the coffee but I had hit my head on the counter and cut a long gash on my back as I had slid down the cupboard door handle. The cigarette had flown over the counter into the dining area and there was a 2 inch long burn on the carpet. When I told Adam the next morning he asked why I hadn’t shout to him for help. I still haven’t worked out how an unconscious person can call anyone.

7 thoughts on “Close encounters of the floor kind.

  1. I really admire how you cope with it all. I guess you have to and you just get on with the process of life. I did have a giggle about the shower scene – glad you now have it sorted. I suppose recognising the signs preceeding a fall is ok as long as you still have time to get somewhere soft? I really enjoy your blog cos you tell it as it is without sugar coating and with humour. x


  2. My trick is to fall in posh places,like John Lewis,and Fenwicks,or at the feet of attractive men,well if you are going to fall,then do it with style!! I think you are amazing I love reading your posts.


  3. I have a friend with MS, diagnosed 7 years ago now but has attacked her fast and furiously. She accepts it and gets on with her life despite the problems it brings. A great network of people is a massive help I know and you are right if it is out there people would understand more but it seems to be fairly well hidden x


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