Ticking the boxes

I was sat today for some reason going through all of the stuff that I remembered from just after I was told that I had progressive MS, there were several conditions apart from MS, one of them was diagnosed just the year before and confirmed again by the neurologist. At the time I remember thinking that the world had ended as I trolled the web trying to find out what Fibromyalgia was. At the base level it is an autoimmune disorder that causes pain, really bad pain and fatigue, I thought when the MS diagnosis came back that there had been a mistake with the diagnosis of Fibro but I was told there was no such luck.

The definition of Fibro is that “Most patients with Fibromyalgia say that they ache all over. Their muscles may feel like they have been pulled or overworked. Sometimes the muscles twitch and at other times they burn.” They do sound similar, but Fibro doesn’t generally cause the tremors, memory, speech, lesions and eating problems. I do have both, no luck. I have had IBS, Asthma and Arthritis for years and the fact that these are autoimmune illnesses as well, I am left believing that there may be a hereditary element. My family has a history of other autoimmune illnesses, only my oldest brother is free of them, I am the one who seems to have the largest number of them. I keep hearing that that has been ruled out in MS, but I really can’t help think there has to be. Although I already believe that I have the oddest family on earth, there has to be a limit to coincidence.

I know that the combination that has appeared in me, has caused treatment problems, how do I tell the difference between MS pain and Fibro pain, I can’t. Treatments for pain varies, if I have pain in my leg it could be the muscle or just the nerve causing it. What pill do I take? Which will be the best at controlling it? Or with my luck is it something else altogether? The result is I land up taking what I am given and hope it covers the spectrum, but the result isn’t always right.

I haven’t seen my doctor now for 4 years. I bet that surprises most of you, but it is the truth. We talk on the phone and agree between us the next step. It can be difficult to explain at times where the pain points are but having just joined Skype, I see now that probably about 50% of all doctors appointments could be covered that way. I truly think it could save a fortune for the NHS, I actually can only think of a few consultations that have actually been more than a conversation in past. Yes if I had a bad cough or something but other than that we talked, I got a prescription and that was that. Skype consultations could save the whole nation a fortune. To get to my doctor is cost £14 in transport for me, other too must have that problem and if at work you could take 5 mins to talk to a doctor rather than time off work the economy would gain in less business hours lost. This would also allow doctors more time for appointments that needed diagnostic skills as Skype consultations would take less booked time.

Ooops the brain train is running again. You or even I have no idea where it is heading so it’s best to stop here for today 😉