Opening new opportunists

I have finally got the complete answer from Shelter with regards to my interview. My interview has been cancelled as they feel that it isn’t a job that could be done remotely. Their web site allows me to review the information that I sent to them, on their application form. Unbelievably there are three point at which I tell them that I am housebound and explain clearly how working from home is not a barrier, well it appears it is, with them and they still say that they are an equal opportunity employer. Apparently the biggest problem was that I would be required to build up close relationships with people in the office? Are they trying to say this is impossible if so I think there are hundreds of people around the world who might just disagree with them.

I am not going to go down the legal line at all, they are a charity and one that I truly believe needs every penny it has, but I really think they need a good shake into understanding a world with technology. I suppose that it just means that I have to continue the job search and work on any and every opportunity that comes my way. The contacts that I have been form this week have actually once again made me feel more positive, from that angle this has been a good week.

I have been housebound for 4 years, even that world had closed in bit by bit since I became redundant. Friends stopped calling, I allowed them to, I had nothing to talk about. They stopped visiting, I let them, I felt to much of a mess. If the truth be known I wasn’t just housebound, I had become closed in on myself with only room for those that I couldn’t shut out.

MS is a long slow lonely journey, one that I spend on a tightrope with this monster in front of me every step. If I push it slightly it will shove back, threatening all the time to send you tumbling. Next to the pain the worst thing it the fatigue, 5 minutes longer standing than normal and later that day or the next day I pay the price. My legs will be too painful to stand at all, or the muscles react as though I ran a marathon.

MS has managed to push me slowly to the life I have, now a few doors are opening, there are signs of hope and possibilities, suddenly I don’t feel quite so housebound, maybe just earthbound.