I’m disabled not useless!

I have spent a lot of time over the past few month researching how other people who are disabled manage, to work in a career that supports them financially. Across all of them there seems to be a set trend, if they became ill whilst in a job, as I did, they manage to continue working for that company. Should they become housebound the continue to work if their work can be done on line, the others stop working. Other than those who set up their own businesses or join the ranks of those on what in now called ’employment support allowance’ ‘Supported group’.

That’s where I am now and I have found not one of those people who’s stories I have read, who has managed to find full time employment, from home. So many of them seem to do some form of volunteer work, to fill there time and to replace the feeling of being of some use to society. I really don’t understand why it has to be this way. I have health problems, I still have a working brain and until I was made redundant I had taken no sick leave for over 5 years. Yet I find myself written off?

Why do I need a job. Well simply, like the vast majority of people in this world I have bills to pay. Yes the government is giving me money that just about covers the basic things, but that is all it covers and is very much a just. I had a career that working from home made no difference, but it seems impossible to convince companies who are advertising the same job or similar, that it can be really done completely that way. When I was in the office I rarely spoke to anyone about work, face to face. The normal way that people communicate at work these days is either by email or phone. They may be only 10 feet away from each other, but they still don’t speak face to face.

Working from home actually proved that I was more productive out of the office, there are no noisy conversations about last night TV to distract you. No silly questions about the photocopier, PC, file listings and so on. I also found that it allowed me to work when I felt the best each day, the hours went in, the work was done and usually more. If I am being honest, what I have learned from the whole process is that as a boss, I would rather have people isolated at home working for me as they actually produce more and waste less time. It isn’t only me that has found this to be true, there is actually loads and loads of data that backs this up. So why as a society do disabled people find themselves written off?

I have had agency contact me and tell my that they have a job that is perfect for me and would I be interested in moving to that area? I only got the call because they somehow missed the section on me CV where I highlight my condition. Once I point that out the call changes to one of, this job is office based sorry, it also ceases to be a conversation as the don’t want to listen to how that job can really be done from home. Suddenly I’ve been written off again?

It seems that although we have high tech gadgets that links everyone to everyone else, computers to computer and different sides of the world in seconds. That the blackberry, laptop, ipad wielding business world still doesn’t understand what can be done with all the pretty zingy things they already own. Yet they write me off?