Cows and Crackers

I’m trying to find space to think, I don’t know exactly what about, just an uncluttered gap. My steps and actions to get my working life back on track, or may-be I should just say back, seem to be demanding so much of my time that I don’t seem to totally relax. Even last night In the middle of watching a quiz show I found myself making list of company websites to take a look at as the agency thing isn’t showing the success I had hoped for. Others have said that looking for employment is harder than any job you can do, I am beginning to agree.

When I was able to move about in the outside world, I was never without work, when I wanted it, I got it. My first rule was that I had to work, at what, it didn’t really matter. I’ve worked in bars, face to face sales, as a DJ, telesales and most recently as an Operations Manager, loosing that job felt like the end of the world but no one is immune from redundancy. Being housebound and unemployed is a completely different thing, until now, I had only ever been unsuccessful in getting one job I applied for. I did get an interview but I really had been pushing my luck when I applied for it.

They were looking for a nightclub manager, my experience for the post was more than just limited so I had to come up with something original just to get me through the door. I guessed what they were looking for from the ad, I don’t actually think their ad would be allowed these days, as they wanted a photo of the applicant along with the CV. That was my first hurdle. I didn’t have a photo or the money to have one taken.

I did have a photo from the 1940’s of a field of black and white cows. On it’s own with a CV it still wouldn’t be enough impact, something else was still needed. It was July so naturally I decided that it needed to be delivered in a Christmas Cracker. Time for the toilet roll, paper, ribbons and glue, once completed I walked to the club and popped it through the letter box. Two days later I got the call to go to the club for an interview. I was still surprised to get to the short list but not at all surprised that the new manger was a guy with a degree.

These days my CV gets the attention, I know because I have had phone calls and emails from those who haven’t read it right through. I am totally honest straight up that I am housebound but I still get calls. They always tell me that I have a great CV and they always end the same way, with me still looking for work.