Kryton? WHY?

Have you ever played that game were someone says a word and you have to answer with the first thing that comes into your mind, well I played a similar game today with myself and it turned out to be quite interesting. I was thinking about TV that I enjoyed watching so I entered a search into Google Images for the first show I had thought off, then looked through the pictures until something caught my eye, that made a connection to another show. I was surprised by the journey that it took me on as I remembered and then viewed photo’s of casts and shows, I also came up with a couple I hadn’t thought of for years.

I started with ‘Merlin’ the brilliant BBC show that recently concluded, passed through the ‘BBC News’, ‘Secret Millionaire’, ‘Crimewatch’, ‘Dragons Den’, ‘Eastenders’, ‘Master Chef’ and then ‘Red Dwarf’. The ones before made sense due to program schedules, recently watched and so on, but I haven’t even seen ‘Red Dwarf’ for years. I went back to the page before and looked again for what had triggered the link. It took me ages to find it, but in the background of one of the ‘Master Chef’ pictures was a guy with a rather angular head, there it was, Kryton, the android. Once again my mind had found a way of wondering back in time and not just to the program, back to the time and place’s where I lived when I first watch them. I used to watch a lot of Sci-fi, it seemed to offer so much of what the future might hold, unfortunately the promise of a cure for all ills and four course meals produce by a voice command is still a long way off. Actually I’d be happy just now for something to release the band that’s closing round me and a bubble pushing outwards through my ribs, the ‘hug’ had vanished for a few days and returned far sooner than I hoped.

I am finding it hard to believe that time is passing so fast. I had this horror picture in my mind when I was made redundant back in September last year, that I was going to be driven completely mad with nothing to do and the constrictions of being housebound suddenly terrified me. Strangely time seems to be moving faster, days and weeks are just vanishing into thin air, yet with so little to show for them. How has Friday arrived, when yesterday was only Monday? And it just isn’t possible that January is close to an end. I also noticed that the days are growing longer again, I no longer need to, but I do, close my curtains at 4pm. I love the long winters evening, there is such a wonderful comfort and safety, when the house is shut down and sealed from the world. It’s even better when a cutting wind throws rain and hail at the windows, shaking the glass and howling round the chimney. I can think of nothing better than opening the curtains in the morning to find inches of snow, silencing the city and making everything clean.

I remember one night years ago when I was living in the ‘Waterfront’ in Glasgow waking up in the middle of the night and sensing that change in the world, that without looking outside, I knew meant that loads of snow had fallen. I sort of accidentally woke-up my then boyfriend and we got dressed and went outside. The next couple of hours was spent building a big snow man in the center of the frozen pond and throwing snowballs at each other. The rest of the world was asleep, no lights from any windows and not another sole to see. When we were about to go back inside we suddenly had the idea to make a snowman for every car in the car park. Where possible these were mounted on the bonnet of the car, just like a car ornament, where not on the roof. We eventually got back to bed not long before everyone else had to get up for work, but it was one of the best nights ever. Totally stupid and totally fun.

Yes I’ll have winter anytime, keep your sunshine and light nights.


The Joys of so Called Modern Life

Well so much for integrated media. I have been trying to add photos and videos directly to the individual different accounts. I at first uploaded my videos to Facebook and they were fine, over night they stopped working!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! I tried to upload them on to this site and guess what, they don’t work here either, well not for me and therefore not for some others as I’m a PC user and I don’t have anything made by Apple. Oh I did try to add the plug in, but it wouldn’t have it. So the only answer is to add videos to there natural web home and onto Youtube. Now I am having to add links all over the place.

“The Early Years” video

“The Monster Years” video